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NepalLove to bridge the gap for Nepalese singles
Oct 23, 2012

Due to the political standstill that has left the country in stalemate for past few decades, a majority of Nepalis... more

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Sep 30, 2017

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Met Pietro on here a year ago (he has put his success story on too). He kept asking for a...


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NepalLove to bridge the gap for Nepalese singles
Oct 23, 2012

Due to the political standstill that has left the country in stalemate for past few decades, a majority of Nepalis have left the country seeking greener pasture elsewhere.

As a person embarks upon a journey seeking for opportunity in a foreign land, he/she faces many hurdles and obstacles. Life is not the same without the support of family in times of stress. There is nothing like coming home to a family or a partner after a hard day's work. But in a foreign land it is not easy to get that feeling. It is not easy to start a family or find a suitable partner since everyone is busy with their day to day lives of home, work and a few detours along the way.

On top of that, due to cultural differences, one generally likes to hang out with people with similar backgrounds and have relationship with people with similar background. But, in a foreign land, due to the geography, it is not easy to get in touch with anyone of the opposite sex.

In Nepal, we take many things for granted like for instance the gender roles. Nepal is still a typically male centric society although in many urban areas, females are beginning to play a more equal role as in working full time and having equal or more say in household affairs. But, it is generally safe to say that males have a stronger role in society in Nepal. Sexuality is generally expressed more by the male gender than females. In addition, due to the increase in prostitution, sexually suppressed males have an option to release their physical needs. I am generalizing here because obviously there are many exceptions.

Having said that, once someone enters a foreign land, the gender difference plays a very important role. Girls coming from Nepal find a different frame of reference where many guys from different countries are vying for their attention, whereas guys feel inexperienced in trying to find a female friend or companion.

Additionally due to high ratio between Nepalese guys and Nepalese girls, Nepalese guys coming to a foreign land have very low chance of finding a suitable partner for themselves. They work hard, they have money to spend, but they just don't have the experience, inclination or good chance of finding a suitable partner to date, let alone form a long lasting relationship.

Many men end up going back to Nepal to get married and this trend has been very visible even among very eligible bachelors who would generally be highly markettable commodity in the Nepali society among females seeking a partner.

If Nepali men unable to find their soulmates in a foreign country had the opportunity to connect with single women in Nepal then it could possibly result in a long lasting relationship without the need to involve relatives to find a suitable girl. It is becoming embarassing for many single men in foreign land to have to resort to arranged marriage.


NEPALLOVE seeks to connect single Nepali girls in Nepal with suitable single males living abroad. Since NEPALLOVE is powered by Sajha, it caters to a lot of singles in the US and now the viewership is increasing to all over the world, so it does not have to be the US alone.

Although that is the main intention, everyone is able to seek for a suitable partner, be it a girl in the US or a guy in Nepal or for that matter, it is open to anyone anywhere.

It is always more fun to share things with others. It's always more fun to have someone special to share things with, share special moments with. Hopefully NEPALLOVE will be able to fill in that gap for at least some of you. Single Nepali men and women together can empower themselves to find a suitable mate.